Are you a woman who loves to dream in coffee shops, tea rooms, cafes? Do you write sometimes, while you’re there?

Or do you dream at a kitchen table, wishing it could be a coffee shop?

The Woman At The Next Table is for you. It’s a peaceful, inspiring place where you can learn to appreciate the value of your own life stories, feel more confident and explore your creativity. You will not be alone here. Our weekly online coffee shop is already OPEN. Our first online workshops – Pilates for the Pen – have been announced. Our tiny YouTube videos are helping with life right now! Once cafes re-open, the podcasts will begin, featuring interviews with real women in real coffee shops. And in this blog, you will find stories to inspire and entertain: perfect to read with a cup of something special. Please… join us at the table!

Childish Things

‘Do you have something you have kept through the years? Something small, like a photo or a piece of jewellery? A letter? Or maybe something else?’ A Feather In My Wallet  My latest Arts Council project invites people to bring personal possessions to a special workshop and share the stories behind them.  So far, the […]

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Being Invisible

When he told me, later, that he felt invisible, I believed him. I had nearly walked past him too. I don’t recall him asking me for money, like all the others beggars did that day.  But maybe I was too far away, on the far side of that wide pavement. Maybe my stride was too […]

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Towpath Tea & Tiffin

Facebook is far from perfect, as we all know, but I love it when it kick-starts an adventure. As the proud owner of a new motorbike (my first) I am always looking for new places to go within reasonable distance. So you can imagine my delight when I saw a post on Facebook advertising the […]

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Green Teasel

Walking along a country lane the other day, I noticed a tall green spiky plant and realised it was newly-grown teasel.  Had I ever noticed this before? No, I didn’t believe I had.  Ask me to describe teasel and I would say it was dry, brown, spiky, sharp. It endures. There is a battalion of […]

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The Art of Rest

Out of necessity, the magnificent Hay Festival is online this year. One of today’s sessions was by Claudia Hammond, a professor of psychology and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s programme All In The Mind. She was talking about her new book The Art of Rest. I found it fascinating. To quote from the festival site: […]

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Please Don’t Take My Seat

I’ve talked before about how single people can have problems when it comes to cafes (see Table for One, Barcelona)  Here’s another one. Imagine this. You walk into a busy cafe, coffee shop, whatever. It’s self service and free tables are at a premium. If you are in a couple or group, there’s no problem. […]

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